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Air Conditioner Tips For Summer In Santa Fe

Air Conditioner Tips for summer in Santa Fe - Fulkerson Plumbing & AC

Air Conditioner Tips For Summer In Santa Fe

Summers in Santa Fe are fun, but it is essential to know the best ways to keep yourself cool during the season. It is better to stay indoors and install a good HVAC system in your home.

That said, ACs require maintenance before the summertime so you don’t experience any problems. So here are some tips to help you maintain the HVAC units throughout the season.

Make sure to follow these tips to ensure your AC units work properly in Santa Fe summer.

Change the Filters


Homes with central heating and cooling requirements know the importance of a well-performing filter. The filter acts like lungs to the air conditioners and determines the air conditioners’ airflow quality. Dirty filters mean that the air quality will be compromised, and people in the room will likely have breathing issues.

In addition, a dirty filter also makes it harder to cool down the room and can trap condensation if it is too severe. So, it is wise to clean/replace your filters every month during summers in Santa Fe. It will ensure your HVAC systems function well and you have no problem with them.

Remove External Debris

AC outdoors plays a huge role in the unit’s performance and is vital to keeping the HVAC unit cool. The outdoor units can quickly get filled with obstructions, dirt, and other debris, and the collected debris will impact the HVAC performance or heat it faster. The unit will also become hotter quickly and consume more electricity, becoming more costly for you.

Ignoring the outdoor debris increases the chances of a potential fire and failing parts. It is best for HVAC owners to remove any debris build-up on the outdoor unit and keep it tidy. You can clean out twigs, leaves, and other obstructions to ensure that the outdoor unit works perfectly and does not cause mechanical failure in the HVAC system.

Clean Vents

Cleaning AC vents is a great way for enhanced cooling and increase system efficiency. It is a dirty job, but it is best to check it properly for better performance. It is wise to hire an AC maintenance professional in Santa Fe if you do not want to get your hands dirty during this process.

Make sure that the vents are never fully closed because this causes pressure on the unit and increases its problems. It would help if you also kept an eye on clothes, rags, or other obstructions, which may impact the AC’s performance.

Empty the Drainage

The ACS drip more water as the summertime approaches, and the unit needs to keep itself cool when the temperature rises. The extra condensation usually shifts to the back of the HVAC units and evaporates. However, this does not happen properly in case of clogged drainage lines. Clogged-up drains will trap condensation and make the AC unit heat up faster.

The water will stop dripping outside the AC and collect inside the AC instead, causing complete mechanical failure. The ACS has a small container that fills the water and shuts the AC automatically if the water level increases too much. A good option is to use a wet-dry vacuum to suck all the water out of the AC unit.

Check the Refrigerant

Changing refrigerants requires hiring a professional, and it is best to leave the task to experienced hands. However, AC owners can check the refrigerant levels in the unit before calling professionals in for help.

The condenser coils have two copper pipes on the outside, and the larger one is covered with insulation but will feel cooler if it has refrigerant.

Pipes that do not feel cold are low on refrigerant levels that will impact cooling. Individuals with commercial HVAC units should call professionals for inspection and let them handle the problem by servicing the coolant.

Clean the AC Fins

Preparing your AC systems for summertime in Santa Fe requires getting a bit of detail. Start by finding a soft brush like a toothbrush or a tile cleaning brush and rubbing the fin surfaces. It is essential to clean these small fins lightly because they can bend easily, which will increase your AC problems.

It would help if you wiped out any excessive dust build-up in the AC unit. We also suggest adjusting the brush angle for each end of the fin for thorough cleaning.

Get your Air Conditioning Unit Ready for summertime in Santa Fe

Preparing the air conditioning unit for summertime ensures you have a problem-free season and stay comfortable indoors. We suggest you follow these tips and you will not have AC problems in the summertime.

However, if you still face any problem, feel free to reach our professionals at Fulkerson Plumbing and Air Conditioning to improve your AC performance and ensure it functions well throughout the year.


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