3 Signs You Need to Call an Air Conditioning Service

3 Signs You Need to Call an Air

3 Signs You Need to Call an Air Conditioning Service

Working air conditioning may be essential to our everyday lives, but you’ll get little help managing the massive repair bill if it fails.

If you ignore issues with your air conditioning, repair and replacement bills will only get worse. Save yourself the discomfort of a stuffy house and the stress of high-priced repairs by taking proactive measures. Have your eyes and ears open for these three signs that it’s time to call in an air conditioning service.

Weak Airflow

Airflow is a clear indicator of an HVAC issue. Warm air can sometimes start flowing when there is a compressor, outdoor fan, or refrigerant issue. A more common problem that plagues homeowners is a weak current.

A low or non-existent air current can come from any number of AC component malfunctions. If you check and clean your air filters but still experience trouble, you need to call an air conditioning repair service. You may have a duct, fan, or compressor issue that needs immediate attention.

Higher energy bills and long AC cycling are other symptoms of inadequate air currents. If you notice the current is warmer or weaker than normal, fixing it early can stop accelerated wear on your system and reduce costs.

Strange Noises and Smells

Air conditioners drone on at a low, monotonous hum while they’re running. If that relaxing whir turns into a clanging and banging ruckus, you likely have significant mechanical issues that need immediate fixes.

If you hear scraping, screeching, or grinding, moving parts are likely wearing out. Belts may need replacing, or fans might need fastening.

No matter what’s causing it, strange noises need urgent attention. Turning off your unit and calling an HVAC repair service is critical to prevent extensive damage.

Aside from the sounds, AC’s may also take on particular smells when there is an issue. If you notice a musty aroma of mold, you may have build-up in your ducts, creating a potential health hazard.

If you notice a metallic or burning odor, your wiring or its insulation may be going. It creates an enormous electrical hazard and an unsafe situation that needs quick resolution. If you ever notice an odd aroma or noise, always turn off your AC and call a technician.

High Indoor Humidity

We need premium humidity and heat control in New Mexico, and our air conditioners put in the work to manage both. Even if the indoor temperature is reasonable, too much sweating may be a cause for concern.

If the air conditioner is not getting rid of the moisture, it can create an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation. As excess moisture accumulates, you may face structural damage or mold growth in your living spaces.

Don’t Wait to Call for Air Conditioning Service

In New Mexico, the best air conditioning service you can do for yourself is scheduling an inspection. Having a technician perform regular maintenance calls once or twice a year will keep your system working in optimal condition. Over time, you’ll save significant time and money by avoiding high utility and repair bills.

Are you ready for an air conditioning replacement, repair, or inspection? At Fulkerson Plumbing & AC, we offer free estimates and exceptional financing options to ensure you get pricing that works. Contact our team of experts to schedule your air conditioning repair or replacement today!